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Wanangkura Stadium
Hamilton Rd
South Hedland, WA 6721

Phone: (08) 9140 0400

South Hedland Aquatic Centre
1 Leake Street
South Hedland, WA 6722

Phone: (08) 9172 4666

Gratwick Aquatic Centre
McGregor St
Port Hedland, WA 6721

Phone: (08) 9173 3303

The Port Hedland Recreation Services team manages and coordinates recreation services throughout the Town’s sport and recreation facilities, reserves and parks. This team of recreation professionals runs a number of community health and lifestyle related events and activities with the aim of engaging community members in healthy activities. For information on upcoming events visit the Events page.

The Recreation Services team develops and manages a number of recreation related infrastructure projects ranging from small to large in size. Please contact a member of the team for further information.

Included in the team is a dedicated Club Development Officer, jointly funded by the Town of Port Hedland and the Department of Sport and Recreation.

The Town’s Recreation Services team also includes a Health and Lifestyle Officer, who is responsible for running a number of community health and wellbeing events and initiatives as well as a Bookings Officer, who coordinates bookings for all of the Town’s parks and sporting reserves.