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Community and Emergency Services Awards

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The town recognizes the significant role volunteers play in the community and seeks to celebrate their contribution in a range of arenas.

Community and Emergency Services Awards:

There are four different awards for which community and emergency service volunteers can be nominated. These include the Youth Volunteer Award, the Community Group Award, the Community Volunteer Award and the Community Safety Award – details of which can be found below.

Don’t wait until the end of the year to try to remember the names of those who deserve recognition in this arena! Contact the Health and Lifestyle Officer with your recommendations.

Youth Volunteer Award

Recognition of a young person (under 25) who has made a significant contribution to the community. The contribution can be in the area of sporting and/or community service. The commitment by the individual needs to be over a sustained period of time most likely undertaken outside of normal school, college or work time.

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Community Group Award

A local organisation or group that provides a community service that is enhancing Port Hedland as a place to live and call home. This group may have a strong volunteering base, be not for profit or is a charitable group and is focused on community strengthening, improving the social capital of the Port Hedland community. Examples include environmental, animal rescue, charity and community arts groups.

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Community Volunteer Award

An individual who has who has contributed to the community over the last 12 months and helped Port Hedland to be a better place to live in. The nature of the services provided is likely to focus on but not be limited to community, environment, disability and health.

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Community Safety Award

Awarded to an individual who has made a contribution to the safety of the Hedland Community over the last 12 months in the areas of emergency service (for example; fire, ambulance, SES) and/or community based contributions.

The award can be won by a volunteer or alternatively by someone who has provided a level of service above and beyond the normal expectations in an employed role.

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