Personal Trainers and Fitness Classes

Personal Trainers and Fitness Classes
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Wanangkura Stadium
Hamilton Rd
South Hedland, WA 6721

Phone: (08) 9140 0400

South Hedland Aquatic Centre
1 Leake Street
South Hedland, WA 6722

Phone: (08) 9172 4666

Gratwick Aquatic Centre
McGregor St
Port Hedland, WA 6721

Phone: (08) 9173 3303

Personal Trainers & Fitness Classes

Please note that bookings are required for all personal training sessions and fitness classes at the Town’s Sport and Recreation Reserves. It is a requirement that all trainers have public liability insurance and thus communication between trainers and the Town’s Booking Officer is vital prior to usage.

Contact the Town’s Booking Officer to discuss.
Kirsten Perrin
P: 9158 9638